Happy Tradie’s wallpapering Brisbane services are the best experts in residential and commercial wall coverings. We have been installing wallpapers in Brisbane for a long time and we have the right expertise for catering for your wallpaper needs.

Happy Tradie’s wallpapering Brisbane has expertise in installing most types of wallpapers. Following are some of the examples of wallpapers we deal with.

  • Vinyl Wallpapers

This is one of the most used wallpapers especially for kitchens, bathrooms and the kids’ rooms. The reason being that it is high durable and can be easily cleaned. The vinyl wallpapers come with a wider roll that ensures there are lesser seams and makes it excellent for larger scaled rooms. Plus because of its heaviness you can easily hide any flaws in the walls.

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  • Vinyl Coated wallpapers

This type of wallpaper has a vinyl coat over it that gives the durability and easily cleaning feature of the vinyl wallpapers. This is mostly preferred over the vinyl wallpapers because it is easily strippable. That means you can easily remove it and it is more versatile.

  • Burlap coverings and grass cloth

These wallpapers contain natural fibers such as bamboo, grass cloth, raffia, cane, burlap, jute and papers weave. These are environmentally friendly wallpapers because they use natural products and are textured. There unique styles and textures will give you room a distinctive appearance.

Wallpapering Brisbane

  • Foil Wallpapers

These are the modern types of wallpapers that have a striking visual impact and highly fashionable. These wallpapers have a metal plastic film on the backside of the paper. If you have a dark and small area you can use these wallpapers for reflecting light into the room. The great part is that is also washable. We always recommend for using  a lining paper for ensuring there is an even result and because this paper is so fine any imperfections in the wall will easily surface.

  • Flocked Wallpapers

This is one of the traditional patterned wallpapers. There are different modern touches of these wallpapers as well; however there are also traditional ones. These types of wallpapers are made using powdered wool or cloth; and have a velvety and raised texture.


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