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Happy Tradie’s Tims floor stripping is one of the leading floor stripping companies operating in the Brisbane area. We have an experience of over 30 years in this field of floor renovation. We always deliver a cost effective method for our customers for their floor covering requirements. We also prepare the sub floor for making it perfectly ready for the new floor installations. We have an experienced team of technicians who will successfully complete the entire job no matter the size of it.

Happy Tradie’s tims floor stripping remove the following types of coverings

  • The ceramic tiles
  • The slates
  • The terracotta tiles
  • The corks
  • The vinyl
  • The carpets

Happy Tradie follow the following steps for preparing the surface and grinding the diamond

  • We remove all paints and glues
  • We remove all curing compounds and residues
  • We repair any concrete slabs damaged by the water
  • We remove any lips or high spots found on the concrete slabs
  • We remove the pebble crete
  • We remove the glaze found on the surface of the tiles

Preparing the surface correctly carries great importance as it is the key for successful floor covering. There are many coatings such as curing agents, paints and old adhesives that can be a hindrance for the new installations of floorings. These old coating can affect the connection and break the bond. There are numerous examples of floorings failing just because of the fact there was incorrect preparation involved. There are different flooring coverings that require different types of floor preparation techniques. That is why you should hire Happy Tradie and have them visit your place for a free inspection.

Happy Tradie has the following services leveling the floors

  • If you want to make your floor ready for placing timber or large tiles, Happy Tradie can prepare the sub floor of the room with the best quality possible
  • We have with us the very best cements that are fast drying and self-leveling. This allows the floor covering to be placed within a short time of 48 hours max.
  • We always use the premier quality products for flooring stripping services so that we can ensure the best result

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