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Happy Tradie’s timber flooring Brisbane is a well-known manufacturer of timber flooring in Brisbane. We have a wide variety of timber flooring at our disposal that is available at competitive prices.

Happy Tradie’s timber flooring Brisbane has the following two options for its installation.

  1. Nail Down Installation
  2. Floating Installation

Nail Down Installation

  1. First we make sure the following job site conditions are available
  • The subfloor or base floor is completely dry
  • The room space is dried before the installation
  • The humidity level of the interior should be average
  • The wet work such as painting, masonry and plastering should be dried out
  • The ventilation system of the room should be kept well
  • The doors and windows of the place should be enclosed and the drainage system needs to be insulated.
  1. Steps for solid flooring installation
  • Firstly, we will place underlying foam on to the subflooring. This foam will act as an anti-dampness and waterproofing agent.
  • Secondly, we will fix the wood beam onto the concrete
  • We will then place the timber wood boards onto the wood beams. We will use a nail machine pneumatic gun for fixing the wooden boards. We do not use glue for the wooden boards because we aim to protect the environment.
  • Next our workers will then fill the gaps left by the wooden boards by placing wooden skirting boards around the walls
  • Finally we will clean off any foot prints, stains or debris left behind on the boards.

Floating Floor Installation

  1. We keep the wooden floor boards in a longitudinal direction so that the stability of the floor board is maintained. If there is more than one big room where a floating floor needs to be placed, we prepare a transition profile for the aisles.
  2. We will first of all clean the subfloor and make certain that it is smooth enough to place a moisture barrier. Then we place the floating boards on the moisture barriers.
  3. We will use wedges for fixing the first row of the board that is near the walls for ensuring there is a sufficient gap. The first row will be used as a starting point for the second row and so on.

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