• Please notify us A.S.A.P If you can not do a job
  • Once you accept job you have to do it ,
  • You are fully responsible the job, Including accidents or breakages
  • Always try get the money upfront If it is cash job
  • Always call the client the day before the job, Please confirm the payment & confirm address
  • Please don’t be late – if unavoidable notify the client & reschedule
  • Ask them to Inspect job once you are finished & Sign off if possible
  • You are not allowed to solicit any of your own business at a job 
  • You not allowed to leave any receipts or any of your business cards, Please tell clients receipts will be emailed
  • You must analyse the job properly please notify us if you increase the price for the job
  • If there are any complaints it is your responsibility to contact the client & resolve it A.S.A.P
  • You are fully responsible & liable For the Job, Including theft, accidents or breakages.
  • We have subcontracted you with the understanding you are fully insured & you have all required licences
  • By accepting any job from us you are agreeing to make your payments when requested
  • If You have had cash jobs please deposit our agreed share On time On the agreed date
  • There will be a 10 % weekly late fee for contractors who are late to make payments
    The late fee will be charged from the date of the invoice. 
  •  Contractors who refuse to pay will not Receive any more jobs and the invoice will be sent to a debt collections agency. 
  • The collections agency will try to recover the invoice & the late fees


1  You as the contractor shall ensure that no risk is created to the health and safety of any person as aconsequence of the provision under this agreement of any Services to any Client. The Contractor will immediately notify the responsible officer of any Client of any risk or potential risk to health and safety of which the Contractor becomes aware, and of any reasonable steps which may be taken to avoid or mitigate such risk or potential risk.

1.1. You as the contractor shall hold all pertinent insurances including, but not limited to, public liability, workers compensation applicable to the industry and work being carried out. Any claims by you or by clients against you in these regards are entirely your responsibility.

1.2 You as the contractor agrees to create and/or maintain an appropriate business entity (with an ABN), as
prescribed by The Department of Fair Trading and other Australian legislation, for the purposes billing
us, protecting themselves and paying all necessary taxes and obligations to the Australian Government,
ASIC, superannuation funds and The Department of Fair Trading as applicable.

1.3 . You as the contractor  contractor agrees that they are an independent business entity and in no way an employee of Happy Tradie

1.4. You as the contractor agrees to conduct all client work within our branding guidelines including, but not limited to, wearing supplied branded clothing on client/site visits, using supplied branded business cards & marketing material,This includes presenting a 100% Happy Tradie image to clients in as much as all the work you do with them is through us.

If You Accept Any Of Our Jobs These Terms Are Legally Binding
If You agree With These Terms Please

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