Whether you have old or new showers, they can easily get dirty or scratched. If you are facing the following problems, then you should hire Happy Tradie’s shower cleaning Brisbane.

  • Your shower is looking horrible.
  • You can barely see through the shower screen because there is an immense buildup of soap scum or deposits of lime.
  • You currently don’t have the budget to get the entire bathroom cleaned up.
  • If you are going to sell your house and don’t want to spend on cleaning up the entire bathroom.
  • You might have a rental home and are looking to make cleaning the shower glass easier for the new tenants.

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Happy Tradie’s shower cleaning Brisbane provides you professional shower cleaning services in Brisbane. We will help protect your investment. There can be hard water stains that become very difficult to remove and can accumulate further with time. We have created our own cleaning solutions that work effectively on all types of stains and hard water scaling.

The shower screen can also easily get scratched with time. These scratches can occur because of the following:

  • There has been incorrect cleaning done on the showers.
  • The scratches are done during the delivery and installation of the showers.
  • There can also be scratches when you are trying to remove the buildup of lime scale.

If you have recently installed the shower or have been using it for some time, just call us, and we will come over and remove any form of scratches. We highly recommend that you let us treat the showers properly and protect it against any buildup of lime scale.

Shower cleaning brisbane

If you don’t treat the glass of the shower screen properly, it can be harmful as it can absorb soap scum and mineral deposits. If not removed in time, this can become difficult to clean and can cause your glass to discolor. As a result, in harsh environments usually found in your own bathrooms, etching can start. We can apply our protection products on the glass so that it can repel water and oil stains. With our protection products, you will no longer need harsh scrubbing with toxic cleaners available in markets.

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