Moving out from a place is a stressful and tedious situation, and the additional worry of cleaning can be more concerning. Sometimes you don’t find the time between work and moving to get it cleaned. For this case, hiring Happy Tradie’s move out cleaning Brisbane is the quickest and easiest way. You can avoid the problems you might face with the new tenants and landlords, and you get most of your deposit back.

What does our Move out cleaning service include?

  • Kitchen- Move out cleaning service.
    • Cleaning the exterior and interior of the range hoods, ovens and dishwashers.
    • Cleaning the fridge and oven.
    • The sinks will be cleaned and disinfected.
    • The backsplash and countertops will be cleaned and disinfected.
    • The drawers and cabinets will be cleaned inside out.
    • The floors will be washed and sanitized.
    • The knickknack areas cleaned.
    • The baseboard will be wiped and dusted.
    • The door frames and walls will be wiped.
    • The cobwebs removed.
    • Bathrooms- Move out cleaning service.
      • The sinks, showers and bath, will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly
      • The glass doors and mirrors will be cleaned and polished
      • The toilets, counters, tile walls and floors will also be cleaned.
      • The windows, blinds and window sills, will be cleaned and dusted.
      • The baseboard will be dusted and wiped.
      • The chrome fixtures will be shined and polished.
      • The cabinets and drawers will be cleaned inside out
      • The cobwebs will be removed
      • Bedrooms Living Rooms and other areas- Move out cleaning service.
        • The carpets and edges will be vacuumed
        • The closet and drawers cleaned inside out
        • The window blinds and ledges cleaned
        • The vents, light fixtures and fans, cleaned and dusted
        • The baseboards and doors spot cleaned
        • The hard floor surfaces will be washed and dried
        • The stairs and handrails will be vacuumed

Happy Tradie’s move out cleaning Brisbane additional cleaning service includes:

  • Carpet and tiles steam cleaning
  • Exterior windows
  • Garage cleaning

Our move out service will do all the dirty work for you and save you time for other tasks. You can spend more time on your family and other important issues.

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