If you want to easily get 100 percent bond money back, then you should hire Happy Tradie’s Gold Coast bond cleaning Review service. Before leaving the property, we will make sure it is neat and tidy. This will mean that we will take care of all the carpets, floors and walls of the property and make sure they are not dirty. We will give our utmost priority to the kitchen and bathrooms of the property.

  • We will help getting back the full amount of bond money.
  • We use the finest products and cleaning techniques.
  • We offer an extensive list of bond cleaning services.
  • We provide bond cleaning receipts.

Happy Tradie’s Gold Coast bond cleaning Review  can help you get the full amount of bond money back from the landlords or real estate agents. When you hire Happy Tradie you should be rest assured that we will do the bond cleaning in a professional manner. You can try and save money by doing the bond cleaning yourself, but there are more chances that you would perform poorly. We can use our steam cleaning methods for getting rid of the dirt and stains from your floors and carpets. Plus we can do the job in a matter of hours, rather than taking days for cleaning the entire property.

gold coast bond cleaning

For maintaining high standards, Happy Tradie only makes use of the best techniques and products. We even offer a guarantee that entails that our cleaners will return to the property if anything is left out during our bond cleaning service. The best part of this guarantee is that we will not charge extra for this service.

We have an extensive list of bond cleaning services that also include cleaning the cabinets, drawers, carpets and much more. We will also make sure we thoroughly clean and disinfect the kitchen and bathrooms. The most important item in the kitchen is the oven, and luckily Happy Tradie has the best oven cleaners in the business. They will make sure no grease or dust is left on the oven.


Once we complete the bond cleaning job, we will provide you with a receipt. This receipt can be shown to the landlords for confirming that a good cleaning job is done in the house.

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