Fed up from the shabby apartment or messed up office? Don’t get enough time to clean up? Fear not! As we provide a service that is introduced to ease all your problems! It deals with all circles including home, business, and apartments. Happy Tradie’s service is concerned with all those exit cleaning tips that will give you detailed information in a comprehensive manner. When your boss tells you to clean the floor or any unwelcomed guests arrive suddenly, but you don’t want them to see your unclean kitchen floor with all the ingredients scattered around, then you want something quick and good. So TA-DA! Here it is. Our cleaning tips to get you a sparkling floor in no time. Just follow the tips:


•       Remove all the obstacles from the area to be cleaned such as chairs, tables and couches that need to be dragged.


•       If your tables and counters need to be cleaned then trash off all the dirt to the floor.


•       First sweep or vacuum the floor before mopping in order to avoid scratches on the floor.


•       Use warm water for mopping and don’t use any extra cleaner or floor may be damaged.


•       Starting from the corners, mop the area twice and then let it dry thoroughly.


We all our either busy or procrastinators and sometimes not even ready to spend some bucks on a tiresome task. Every floor is different so here are some do’s and don’ts.


Dos and Don’ts:


•       For marbled floor use lacquer or varnish, as it can be taken off easily.


•       Mopping of marbled floor should be done with warm water with all kinds of cleaning liquids mixed together.


•       For wooden floor use solvent based cleaners and never use water until it is used with polyurethane.


•       Wooden floors first need to be vacuumed and then for a great sparkle use wax applicator.


•       If quick results are needed, use liquid wood floor cleaner with a dry wax applicator. Give some time for the cleaner to get into the wood and make sure nothing goes in excess.


•       For Ceramic or Porcelain Floor do not use any corrosive cleaner as you will loose the varnish.


•       Flat damp mops make a good use on ceramic and porcelain floors.


•       Concrete flooring requires a broom to get rid of the dirt and debris.


•       Kitty litter can be used to absorb the oil and grease form these kinds of floorings. After this apply a heavy-duty commercial floor cleaner with a sponge mop, rinse with cool water and I bet you the results will leave you flabbergasted.


Happy Tradie’s exit cleaning tips have helped many devastated ones not only in Sydney but also in gold coast, sunshine coast and Brisbane. I know every floor cleaning tasks seems tenacious at first, but once you have geared yourself, nothing can stop you! So why wait? Pull up your socks, just follow these steps and get started!

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