Whether it is the tenant or the landlord whose lease is about to end, they have to ensure a thorough cleaning process before moving out. Cleaning is an aspect which is often overlooked by many people and they concentrate only on the packing. There is a lot more to in end of lease cleaning than most people realize.  Happy Tradie’s end of lease cleaning will clean everything from the walls, cabinets to the toilets and ovens.

  1. Happy Tradie will help you focus on other things.
  2. We have experienced professionals.
  3. We have the right expertise.
  4. We have the access to a collection of cleaning techniques.
  5. We provide regular cleaning services.

end of lease cleaning

When you hire Happy Tradie’s end of lease cleaning services, you won’t have to be stressed out with the cleaning part as Happy Tradie will take care of everything. This means you can divert your focus and attention on other important aspects of the moving. Rest assured, we will clean all the trouble areas of the property and will remove all the stains on your carpets and walls, so that you can get the bond back.

Happy Tradie’s professional cleaners have a huge amount of experience in end of lease cleaning and we will make this moving process easy for you. Our experienced cleaners will take all the hassle out of moving out, which will help you easily move in to a new place. Our cleaners are experienced enough to determine the cleaning requirements in a job and will then go about finishing the job in a timely and efficient manner.

We have the right expertise for cleaning all kitchens, bathrooms or laundry. We have the knowledge about the procedures and products required for quickly and efficiently cleaning the entire property. We will ensure that you will have one less thing to worry about when moving out.

end of lease cleaning2

We also have the access to a large collection of different cleaning techniques. Our cleaners will determine the type of cleaning required and then apply the most appropriate cleaning method and procedure, while using the necessary products.

In addition to our end of lease cleaning, Happy Tradie also offers regular cleaning services to various companies such as hotels and apartments.

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