Want to build a new building in place of the old one or just want to demolish it for some other reason? If yes then what are you waiting for? Contact Happy Tradie to avail demolition Gold Coast services for a safe demolition of any type of structure; either it’s a house you want to demolish or high rise building. A demolition must be carried out in a manner so that minimum damage to the environment should occur if there must be any damage at all. That is where we come into the picture; we offer the safest demolition in the whole of the Gold Coast.

You must make us your choice because:

  • Since, we are experts and are in this business for a long time now; you can count on us for the safest demolition process.
  • We use the latest technology and methods to carry out the task. Our machinery is always the best.
  • We use what is required; we decide according to the situation if the demolition should be manual or mechanical. Advanced and slightly hazardous techniques such as implosion would be used only when necessary.
  • We make sure that environment is not polluted, hence using the most environmental friendly practices.
  • We care for our clients and give full attention to their needs and requirements
  • We take the minimum time possible to complete our required task. The secret of our progress is indeed the usage of advanced and fast machinery.

Demolition gold coast


Our team workers are highly skilled. They are adept and make sure that building falls on its own foot prints. None of the adjacent building is in anyway harmed. We also use techniques that are efficient minus the noise pollution. You will not be disturbed by the harsh sounds usually accompanying demolition process.

Demolition gold coast

So, there is no need to have a headache because you think you can’t get rid of a building or a house. We are here to help you, offering the safest and most effective demolition. You don’t have to feel tense and tried, all you are to do is hire Happy Tradie’s services of demolition Gold Coast and your problems will vanish into thin air along with the building in no time!


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