Happy Tradie provides you with the best service and promotional offers. To have your curtains restored back to their original condition, please give us a call for curtain cleaning Melbourne localized services. With our reputable aid, we proudly offer you our following services,

  •  We try to make sure that all our cleaning process is as close to natural as possible, including drying process.
  •  We don’t use any such cleaning agents which may pose harm to your curtain. 
  •  We use proper detergents that are meant for the use of cleaning curtains, only. 
  •  To make sure your curtains lead a prolonged life, we use upholstery tools. 
  •  Our machines are of the best quality. 
  •  We not only clean curtains, we also maintain and restore them back to their original condition. 

 curtain cleaning melbourne

Say, you have arranged a huge dinner party to celebrate your promotion. Your close business associates, your relatives, everyone is invited. The preparations are done and everything looks marvelous until you notice your curtains standing out. They look faded and gloomy. Now, there are worried lines etched on your face. But, please! Remove that frown right now for Happy  Tradie here!

The most important constituent of a decor is a curtain. They stand quietly in the back ground, paid the least attention to but speak louder than any other decor of the room. So it is highly essential that your curtains remain pristine at all times.

To avoid ruining your fancy curtains, you must send your curtains for a proper cleaning at least once in six months. You cannot risk cleaning curtains at home due to the following reasons:

  •   Removing stains from a curtain is certainly not easy.
  •  Curtain cleansing requires trained hands to prevent the curtains from shrinking.
  •  Washing machines are too small and do not clean the curtains properly.

 curtain cleaning melbourne

We assure you that your curtains will be in safe hands. Trust us when we tell you that you are at the right place. Happy Tradie is exactly what you are looking for. So, what are you worrying and waiting for? Give us a ring so that we can be at your door step in a jiffy providing you the best curtain cleaning Melbourne has ever come across with.


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