Happy Tradie’s ceiling repair Brisbane is specialists when it comes to ceiling repairs, drywall repairs and water damaged ceilings in the entire Brisbane area. We are experts when dealing with ceiling and drywall repairs and we also provide popcorn texture removal, texture matching and blending into the current textures. We have a water damage certification and are certified dry wall repairers, and have loads of experience in this industry. We also have experience when dealing with insurance fire and smoke damage and field repairing water damage.

The following are some of the services Happy Tradie specializes in:

  • We repair the textured ceilings
  • We repair the electrical or plumbing damages and also repair the drywall patches
  • We install drywall basement additions and suites
  • We remove the popcorn textures
  • We provide painting services for the walls and ceilings
  • We repair water damaged ceilings and walls, plus we also remove stains on them.
  • We repair holes in the drywalls and ceilings
  • We supply sanding and mudding for preparing the walls and ceilings for painting

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If your plumbers, electricians or other workers have damaged your ceilings or walls, Happy Tradie’s ceiling repair Brisbane can easily repair them whether they are small or large in size. We also provide painting services for the interior ceilings and walls. We are a fully insured business and this is why our clients are at an ease when they hire our services.

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There are many companies out there in Brisbane who claim that they are true ceiling repair specialists. There have been a number of cases where we have been busy rectifying the repairing work done by other ceiling repairing companies. Before you go about hiring other companies for repairing the ceiling, you can call us and ask us for references.  We have an incredible record in repairing the ceilings in Brisbane as ceiling repairs is one of our specialties.

ceiling repair brisbane

We have now done over an estimated 1000 ceiling repairs and they have all been without any deficiency or call back from any customer. That is the reason why we have been very busy all the time. We guarantee that you will forget if you had holes in the ceiling or there was any plumbing leak.

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