You may not notice how dirty your carpets are when you look at them daily. The fact is, with all the wear and tear the carpets receive, they tend to be very dirty and discolored over time. If you get your carpets deep cleaned regularly, your carpets will be free of dirt or stains. This is true that you can also keep your carpets cleaned if you regularly vacuum or clean them with shampoos. However, the fact of the matter is that nothing compares to the professional clean you can get from Happy Tradie’s carpet cleaning Brisbane. With our regular carpet clean, your carpets will always look great.

The benefits of our deep clean are:

  • The color, feel and overall appearance of your carpets will return.
  • The life of the carpets will be extended.
  • Your health can also benefit, as people with allergies will find a cleaner environment to live in.
  • Cleaned carpets can increase the selling value of your home.


There are some people who regularly clean the carpets themselves. The results are not the great. The main problem with cleaning your carpets yourself is that even though the carpet appears to be cleaned, it is, in fact, still filled with dirt. One square foot of the carpet can still hold almost a pound of dirt, without appearing to be dirty at all. This dry dirt in your carpets is mostly because of contaminants such as pet dander, dust mites, road grime etc. These can trigger a lot of allergies in people living in the house.

This is why the carpets should be regularly cleaned by our professional at least twice a year, and even more if you have people who are suffering from allergies. With our routine maintenance, the environment of your house will be more sanitary, and longevity and look of your carpets will be restored. There is absolutely no doubt the quality and performance Happy Tradie’s carpet cleaning Brisbane can offer you

If you live in Brisbane or its surrounding areas and have carpets which need to be cleaned, then call us now. Let us help by deep cleaning your carpets and making it look brand new for many years to come

we are also very good bond cleaners

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