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Happy Tradie’s Brisbane strippers are the choice for most commercial and business enterprises in Brisbane. For you company to look its best and for maintaining the value of the flooring, it is important that you hire floor stripping services. It is important that the floor must be properly stripped so that it can produce the best output. Happy Tradie will use the best products for properly stripping your floors so that the floors can be maintained for a longer period of time.

The following are the Floor Stripping steps Happy Tradie’s Brisbane strippers follow:

  1. First we will dust and sweep the entire area so that any loose dirt is removed
  2. Second, we will prepare the prepare the stripping solutions according to the recommendations by the manufacturer
  3. We will then apply the stripping solutions, one small section at a time.
  4. Our automatic industry powered scrubbers will then be used for removing the existing sealers
  5. We will then use a mop for removing the water and dirty stripping solutions from the floors
  6. Then we will use a damp mop and clean water on the floor, and then we will dry the floor.
  7. Finally, we will then use the most appropriate sealer wax for the surface of the floor

Why should you choose Happy Tradie for your floor stripping needs?

  • Our floor strippers are fully insured
  • We are a bonded and licensed company.
  • Our staff is highly trained
  • We provide a guarantee for our floor stripping services
  • You can contact us and get a free estimate for the floor stripping of your property

When we are done with the floors, we will give your business or office the best outlook for your customers. We will allow you to spend all the time in productivity in your work rather than cleaning the entire office. You should let Happy Tradie strip all the floors for you, so that you can make a great impression on the employees and customers.

Happy Tradie provide floor stripping services for any type of business including factories, retail shops, hospitals, and multi-level complexes. You also ask for references from a huge list of satisfied customers.

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