There are a lot of tenants in Newstead who require their tenants to have the rental premises cleaned by professionals when their lease is near its end. There are people who try to clean the property themselves without recognizing how time consuming and difficult it is. Be smart and simply call Happy Tradie’s bond cleaners Newstead. It is our guarantee that we will make your property shine after our bond cleaning service.

Happy Tradie’s bond cleaners Newstead always comply with the requirements set by the real estate agent or landlord. We have an extensive bond cleaning checklist which cleans all the rooms, furniture, fixtures, electric appliances, and windows.  The following is our detailed checklist:

1. Kitchen

  • We will wash and polish all the surfaces.
  • Thoroughly clean the cupboards, shelves, drawers from the inside and out.
  • Clean the taps, sinks, draining areas and wastes.
  • The wall tiles will be degreased then cleaned and polished.
  • Clean the oven internally. Any built up grease removed and external chrome polished.
  • The racks and trays of the oven cleaned.
  • The gas control knobs and hobs cleaned.
  • The grime from the extractor, and its grill, removed.
  • The grime, food deposit and mildew removed from the fridge and freezer.
  • The dishwasher and microwave are cleaned.
  • The exterior of all other appliances cleaned.
  • The window frames and windows, the doors are cleaned.
  • The floors and skirting boards are mopped and polished.

Bond Cleaners Newstead

2. Bathrooms and laundry

  • The shower screens are cleaned and polished.
  • The wall tiles are degreased, cleaned and polished.
  • The basins, taps, showers, baths and fittings are cleaned, dried and polished.
  • The toilet is brushed cleaned after descaling. The covers and seats are cleaned and disinfected.
  • The shampoo deposits and soap deposits are removed.
  • The mirrors are also cleaned and polished.
  • The air vents and extractor fans are cleaned.
  • The floors are also washed and polished.
  • Any bathroom windows will be cleaned.

Bond Cleaners Newstead2

3. Bathrooms and other general areas

  • The light fittings and shades, skirting boards, switches, wall pictures, wall paper, mirrors, stairs, hand rails, radiators, curtain rails are dusted.
  • The furniture is moved, and the area underneath is vacuumed.
  • The areas under the mattresses are cleaned.
  • The cobwebs are removed.
  • The floors are washed and carpeted areas vacuumed.
  • The drawers, shelves and wardrobes, thoroughly cleaned.
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