Are you looking for a professional bond cleaning service in Ithaca who is confident that they will get you your bond back? Happy Tradie’s bond cleaners Ithaca offers a guarantee for the bond cleaning service that will certify that your bond will be returned.

What is included in the Happy Tradie’s bond cleaners Ithaca bond cleaning services that set us apart?

  • If needed, we will provide a professional steam cleaning of your carpets.
  • We will clean every room of the premises from top to the bottom.
  • All drawers and bench tops will be tirelessly cleaned until spotless.
  • The bathrooms and kitchens will be extensively and thoroughly cleaned.
  • The light fittings, fixtures, fans and switches, will be cleaned.

Bond Cleaners Ithaca

If you are currently residing in Ithaca and are looking to comprehensive bond clean of your premises, then you should talk to our bond cleaning professionals at Happy Tradie. Our experienced bond cleaning experts will come over and clean the premises.

Happy Tradie only employs the most passionate and skillful bond cleaners, along with their experience and track record. That is why at Happy Tradie we confidently provide a guarantee for all our bond cleaning services.

Whenever you are vacating a rental property, it is a very tough task as you have to collect everything and take it to the other place. On top of that, you also have to worry about the bond deposit with the owner or agent. That is why you should hire Happy Tradie and let us worry about the bond deposit.

Most rental houses in Ithaca also require a professional carpet cleaning service before vacating the place. You don’t have to worry about that as Happy Tradie also provide professional steam cleaning for all your dirty carpets during the end of the lease. You will also be given a receipt for the carpet cleaning services as a proof for your landlord or real estate agent.

Bond Cleaners Ithaca 2

We have been working in this bond cleaning service for a long time now and have been closely working with different property managers and owners in Ithaca. This is why we know what is required during a professional bond cleaning service for getting the deposit back.

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