If you require professional waterproofing services in Brisbane for completing of your project, then you should get Happy Tradie’s waterproofing Brisbane services now. We have expertise in waterproofing services from wet basements to leaking balconies. We have the necessary dried and cut solutions that will repair and residential or commercial water problems.

Some of the most popular waterproofing services Happy Tradie offers are:

  • Wet areas

There are areas in every home that are bound to get wet. Happy Tradie’s waterproofing Brisbane will ensure that these wet areas don’t hamper the dry areas of the property. We install the following

  • Shower Trays
  • Shower Walls
  • Shower Hob. These are mostly used when there are enclosed showers
  • Water-stop Hob. For the hob-less designed showers, we install a plastic water-stop.
  • Bath Flashings. These will seal the joints at the floor or bath edges and wall or bath edges.
  • Perimeter Flashings. We install a reinforced fabric over the joints that are coated with a membrane.
  • Full Floor Areas.
  • Balconies, Verandas and Decks

Waterproofing Brisbane2

If you have a tiled concrete balcony, veranda or deck, we will coat it with an appropriate waterproofing membrane that will turn the edges towards the walls and through the drains.

  • Retaining Walls

We will prepare the area by completing the core filling and filling the perps. The vertical surfaces will be coated with latex rubber membranes. This unique system utilizes a mixture of applications and materials that will prevent any moisture from going into the basements.

  • Water Features

If you have a water feature or pond in your home, we can install custom solutions that will prevent leakages and will cater for the aesthetic appearance.

Waterproofing Brisbane

  • Planter Boxes

A high quality waterproofing membrane will be installed over the surfaces of the planter box so that there are no water leakages. We can also turn the membranes towards the drainage pipes.

  • Crack Injections

We also deal with treating leaking slabs and crack injections.

  • Rooftops

We install a high quality membrane on the rooftop so that it can survive that hardest of the environmental conditions.

  • Miscellaneous Areas

We also deal with other areas that need to be water-tight such as the box gutters.


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