Even if you don’t have any problems with the irrigation of your yard a retaining wall can be a good addition to your landscape and can be useful. You can use retaining walls for housing flowers, plants, fountains and ponds. Happy Tradie’s retaining walls Brisbane have been building retaining walls for many years. We have expert and highly knowledgeable landscaping crew who can design and build retaining walls for any type of slope or terrain. We can also customize the retaining walls by adding columns and planters.

When you have opted for Happy Tradie’s retaining walls Brisbane you can choose from a variety of popular styles like:

  • Natural Stone: One of the most attractive and popular retaining wall options is arguably the stone walls. In this type of retaining walls different sizes of stones are all stacked together.
  • Segmented Concrete Block: Concrete retaining walls are also becoming popular in Brisbane because they can be installed on uneven terrains and because of the high durability of the material used it can stand the test of time. This type of retaining walls can be easily installed and it comes in different sizes, material and colors that can match the outdoor area of your house.

Retaining walls Brisbane

Retaining walls have been used since the time of the Roman Empire and were used to prevent damage to the gardens and crops and prevent soil erosion. The retaining walls helped to hold back the soil, and allow the accumulated rainwater to effectively funnel away from the hardscapes, flower beds and more. In the modern times these retaining walls are mostly used for beautifying the garden areas and the yards.

Retaining walls Brisbane2

Our process of the retaining wall entails the following:

  1. Initial Consultation. We will send over our designers to your home for discussing your requirement from this project. We will help you determine the right budget for the project by giving you a custom quote. We will take measurements and pictures for perfectly constructing the retaining wall.
  2. Submission of the Proposal. We will then return to your house and submit a detailed proposal with the designs and drawings.
  3. Finalize the Design. We will finalize the design of the retaining wall.
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