Happy Tradie’s Cubby Houses Gold Coast has been one of the leaders in the market of designing and manufacturing cubby houses in the entire Gold Coast area. We give paramount importance to safety when designing the cubby houses. The reason being, we recognize the importance of a safe environment where children can play freely right in their backyard. This has been the main force that has been driving us in all these years and we are pleased to keep moving forward.

Happy Tradie’s Cubby Houses Gold Coast provides the following cubby houses in Gold Coast:

  • Traditional Cubby House Range

These are the traditional cubby houses we offer, and they also come with extra features that are optional such as doors, windows, planter boxes and letter boxes. There is a cubby house that has a front and side window plus a verandah. They come with larger sizes with more than one window. There is also a cute cubby that has a small inside door that leads to a garage that has a small bubble car. We also offer cubbies that come in timber and treated pine structures.

Cubby Houses gold coast

  • Easy Cubby Ranges

These are easy to assemble cubbies that have the following features:

    • It takes one minute to assemble and you just need to put lock in place
    • They are totally free of screws
    • You require no tool to assemble them
    • For easy storage you can easily pack them
    • It can easily fit inside your home
    • They are guaranteed to be sturdy and strong
    • We also provide optional extra features that can be added to the cubbies
    • You can paint or stain it without any worry.

Cubby Houses gold coast2

  • Interactive Fort Ranges

All our cubbies are built keeping in mind the safety of the kids. We leave a gap around any hinged areas in the cubby so that it can prevent fingers getting caught in it. We also leave a gap where ever possible so that there could be ventilation in the cubby. Where there is elevation we provide safety handles and we also leave a small gap between the railings so that the children don’t put their heads through.

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