Are you looking for a cubby that is free from nasty insects such as spiders? There are not many cubbies out there that can claim that they are insect proof. Happy Tradie’s cubby houses Gold Coast has built all their cubbies keeping the Australian standards in mind.

Happy Tradie’s featured cubby houses include:

  • These are free of any bugs and spiders
  • This has a cooler roofing system installed.
  • There are portable and easily moved around the yard
  • They are sturdy and comes with a 2 year warranty
  • They will stand firm in harsher conditions
  • They are perfect for an uneven place
  • They are made with clean simple lines and no gaps are left behind
  • We will not charge extra for custom designing the cubby according to your yard.

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If you really love your kids and want to give them the best, then you should stop spending thousands on video games and think about what is better for them. Think about what is better from them to develop their skills and imagination, and help them interact better with others. Happy Tradie’s cubby houses Gold Coast has combined both the worlds that will activate the child’s imagination and inspire their gross motor skills.

Not only will our cubby houses help the child’s motor skills, but they will give them a great sense of pride in their things and give them a sense of ownership. It is not just a simple cubby house as it greatly relies on creativity and imagination. When you have more than one child who goes out to play they will have different tools for making their own little world just like their mom and dad.

Cubby Houses gold coast4

We offer the following cubbies:

  1. Forts
  2. Duplexes
  3. Triplexes
  4. Mega Triplexes

There are no other toys out there in the market that can enhance the mental, social and physical skills of your children and they won’t even get bored of it after just a week’s time. There is no better thing to spend money on that will give you kid a sense of self. A child will go running around in excitement over a simple video game.

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