Happy Tradie’s Cubby Houses Brisbane is one of the largest manufacturers of kids’ cubby houses in Brisbane. We have grown in this industry by producing the highest quality cubby houses in Brisbane. We use the best quality timber and the safest material that can be found in Australia, and never use imported timber that is not made for Australian conditions.

Happy Tradie’s Cubby Houses Brisbane categories of cubby houses are as follows:

  1. Elevated Cubbies
  2. On Ground Cubbies
  3. Slightly Elevated Cubbies
  4. Forts
  5. Monkey Bars Playground Equipment

Cubby houses Brisbane

We have designed our very own range of Cubbies of all different designs, type of wood and styles.

  • Redwood Lodge Cubby

This is one of the larger cubby houses we design and is a place for your family and kids to enjoy in. It has a dimension of 4200 by 2400, and is perfect for families with more children.

  • Willow Creek Cubby

This is designed for letting the child exercise as well. This can help in improving the child’s health and encourage them to play outside.

  • Sandalwood Cubby

This is also a large cubby house with various playing areas within it. If you have a playschool, a daycare or a large family, this is the cubby for you. This is an elevated cubby house that has a twin covered deck around it. You can also install a sandpit beneath the cubby house.

Cubby houses Brisbane2

  • Timbertop Cubby

This cubby house has been designed in a shape of a mansion keeping in mind of the child’s imagination.

  • Birchwood Cubby

This is also a large elevated cubby house that has front steps leading to a covered veranda. This type of cubby house comes with a cubby house kit including a phone, steering wheel, telescope and periscope.

  • Bear creek Lodge

This is an on ground cubby that is built in the backyard in a shape of a lodge.

  • Alpine Swing Gym Cubby House

This cubby house is also installed on the ground and comes with a full swing set. This is best place for your child for having fun and also gets their exercise.
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