Happy Tradie’s car window repair Brisbane is an effective, safe and convenient way for repairing the windscreen. It usually takes less than 30 minutes for our technicians for completing the repairing job. We have certified repair technicians that can repair windshield nicks, chips and cracks up to six inches long. We will restore the structural integrity of the windshield of the car and help the damage from spreading. Without removing and replacing the window, we will make the repair less noticeable.

Why should you use Happy Tradie’s car window repair Brisbane for repairing the windshield chip?

  • A small windshield chip can crack open any time. When there is increased pressure on the windshield the chip can turn quickly into a crack, even while driving the car.
  • A windshield is almost 30% of the car’s structural strength. When there is a car crash it not only supports the roof of the car, but it also prevents you from going out of the vehicle and deploys the airbags. When there is a chip in the windshield it is considerably weakened and you compromise your safety.
  • A windshield chip repair will save you money. The cost of replacing the windshield is far more than repairing the windshield chip.
  • Our windshield chip repair will take less than 30 minutes.

Car window repair Brisbane2

How will we repair the windshield Chip?

  • We will first inspect the damage on the windshield and help determine if the repairing is possible.
  • We will then apply protective drapes on the vehicle so it does not get damaged
  • We will then vacuum any moisture or debris from the chip
  • We will then install a custom designed resin in to the chip
  • We will then seal the damage and use ultra-violet light for hardening the resin
  • We will then remove any excess resin for ensuring a flat and flush surface

Car window repair Brisbane

If your windshield has a scratch on it may need to be replaced. We have skilled technicians who will use the best material and equipment for replacing and installing the windshield on the car. We will use the best adhesives and primers for inserting the new windshield on the car.

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